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Keeping you safe where you live, work and worship

TM3 security services team of experienced professionals understand security and it is our business to keep you safe. We are a Cincinnati, Ohio based company. Give us a call for a for a free security assessment (513) 445-2464.

Our Services

Whether your facilities are large or small, we offer solutions to fit your needs. We offer proactive support to guard against the most common and even some uncommon potential threats and situations that businesses, churches, and private homes might face. ). TM3 Security Services LLC are your partner’s in protection. Call us today for a free 1-hour threat assessment (513) 445-2464. We will show you how you can protect the places where you live, work, and worship.

Securing Your Church

Churches should be sanctuaries (places of refuge and safety). TM3 Security Services will customize a security plan for your church and more importantly your church families. We provide a comprehensive approach to ensure that your church services are safe and worry-free. Click here for more information.

Securing Your Business

Our customers are large corporations, small jewelry stores, funeral homes, assisted living facilities, and anyone in need of security services. 

With changing technology, security needs also change. We work with owners and company leaders to guard against perceived and unperceived threats to your business. We offer armed and unarmed security guards. TM3\’s team of professional security advisors are abreast of the changes you should be aware of. 

We offer staff safety & security trainings and specialized services that require knowledge of OSHA regulations, industrial security, access control, building inspections, key control, fire suppression and hot works environments.

Click here for more information.

Securing Your Home

Your home is your castle. We know that most people would protect their families from intruders at all cost. We look beyond the first line of defense to help protect your family and your belongings in the event of break-ins. We design and install customized security systems that give you a peace of mind.

Safe at home, at work and worship

Criminals are less likely to try and commit any kind of crime against an establishment when trained security officers are present. Of course, it is always highly recommended you continue to have technologically sound security cameras and sound equipment to complement the presence of the experienced security guards.